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A Love Letter to Brunch

Ah, Brunch. Born from the humble beginnings as a means to combat hangovers, we celebrate its existence today as the perfect compromise between the early-birds desire for breakfast and the sleepyheads desire to stay in bed.

How was brunch invented, I hear you ask? We have the nineteenth century writer Guy Beringer to thank. He first proposed this hybrid meal in his 1895 essay titled “Brunch: A Plea”. In this essay, he suggested the last thing those nursing hangovers should be confronted with is a rich, meat filled dish. Rather, Beringer suggested an approach of calming the stomach gurgles with pastries before seguing into a heartier dish.

In the words of Beringer “Brunch is cheerful, sociable and enticing. It is talk-compelling. It makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings.” Who needs a better opportunity to get friends together than a cheerful, sociable and enticing brunch at Trevs?

So thank you brunch, for being there for us in what can seem like the direst of hunger situations. Our hearts, heads and tummys thank you!

Welcome the weekend with a walk through the tree-lined suburb of Dickson straight to Trevs door on Challis St.
Trevs is open for brunch from 8.30am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday through to 1pm, book now on 02 6257 2355.