Trevs Taste Collective new menu

Mixing It Up – New Menus to Trevs

You wanted to see more of the weekend brunch items available during the week. We listened.

You wanted to be able to enjoy your favourite Trevs dishes from the comfort of your own home. We listened.

You wanted to be able to see exactly what Trevs has on offer at the moment, and, you guessed it, we listened.

For your convenience, all of Trevs BreakfastLunchDinnerFunctions, Catering and Takeaway menus are available online. So whether it’s working out what the best brunch in Dickson has on its menu today, what you can grab to take away while you’re getting your morning coffee or looking for a meal that’s bound to keep both the adults and kids happy, Trevs has you sorted.

Check them out, and let us know on our Facebook what else you’d like to see from Trevs – we’re listening!