How to Survive Taking Your Kids to a Restaurant

We’ve all seen those parents that have evolved with the capability to shovel food one handedly into their mouth while tending to their precious darlings with the other. Take the stress out of dining with kids by following these tips:

  • Ask to be seated in a corner: by effectively “locking” your kids into a seat in the corner, you’re reducing the chance of having to bound out of your seat mid-mouthful to grab a runaway child.
  • Beware of cutlery and glass: if your little one is still refining their motor skills, ask your server to remove their set of cutlery and glass as you’re seated. Not only do you reduce the dangers “breakables” pose (to both their bodies and surroundings) but you’re asking for a break from their rhythmic percussion rehearsals.
  • Bring entertainment along:  Be it old-school (crayons and a colouring-in book) or new aged (Frozen on the iPad), it can’t hurt to bring along something to play with should your child not be thoroughly engaged in your conversations. When in doubt, a good game of eye spy is a fail safe way to ensure a moment of calm.

At Trevs, we want you to be able to enjoy your meal too. If you have to resort to bribery to keep your kids happy, then so be it. With the purchase of any of the kids dinner meals, your little one will receive an ice-cream cone for dessert, completely free.

Trevs serves dinner from Thursday through to Saturday, with options your little one is bound to love. Call (02) 6257 2355  or Book Online today to book now.

Photo: Instagrammer Chrissy Lawson