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How You Can Show Your Love For Trevs: A Quiz

So you love Trevs. Of course you do! Where else can you go for that warming take away coffee, nourishing weekday lunch, romantic dinner or delicious work catering? We’ve devised this quick quiz so you can work out the best way for you to share your Trevs love with the world.

At school, your favourite class was:

  1. Art. Give me pens, paint, paper or a camera, and I’ll make something beautiful.
  2. English. How do I love thee Trevs? Let me count the ways.
  3. Assembly, Recess, anywhere I can talk and socialise with my friends really!

Your friends would describe you as:

  1. Creative. You’re original, expressive and passionate.
  2. Analytical. You know what you like and you know how to express it.
  3. Social. The chatterbox, the life of the party, the social butterfly.

At a dinner party, you are:

  1. The one telling everyone to “wait one sec!” while you grab that perfect foodie shot. Lighting? Check. Angles? Check. Composition? Check, check, check!
  2. Discussing the merits of pairing a merlot over a sangiovese with your confit duck.
  3. Sharing the latest story about what happened to your cousin’s neighbour’s dog.

You would describe your selfie game as:

  1. #strong.
  2. Selfie? Game? What???
  3. For profile picture purposes only.

How did you go?

Mostly As – Instagram. You love a good gram. Your friends are masters of patience while you direct them to stop blocking the light or “Look more spontaneous!”. Share your favourite Trevs meals by tagging @trevsatdickson or using the hashtag #trevsatdickson. We might just feature your images on our Facebook page!

Mostly Bs – TripAdvisor. You’re the one that can articulate exactly what it is that you love about an experience. From the impeccable service and mouthwatering food to the enticing atmosphere and excellent value, you’ve got an adjective for every occasion. Share your thoughts with the TripAdvisor Community and help watch Trevs rankings soar.

Mostly Cs – Facebook.  You’re a sharer. From the latest news to the greatest food photography, your Facebook is the the one stop shop for people to find out what’s the hottest thing around. Leave Trevs a review, share and tag your pictures with us and keep your eyes peeled for any promotions we’ve got going.

As much as we love reading your kind words and seeing your stunning pictures, we also love seeing your smiling faces. Come by Trevs (20 Challis St, Dickson) for a meal, a drink and a chat. We can’t wait to see you.

Instagram Photos (clockwise from top left): @cassielaura@fuzzycatty,@megan_sparke and @alisonjdance